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Medical,equipment,negatoscpe,dispenser,uvc disinfection

About Mahand Teb & Sanat  Engineering Co

     Mohand Teb and Sanat Engineering Company with 10 years of experience in the field of medical equipment production, including moonlight medical and dental Negatoscope,Automatic betadine dispenser,Hand disinfection device,UVC disinfection systems,Operating room lights and switches, With more than 5,000 devices installed in about 200 hospitals and a large number of offices, clinics, with a strong after-sales service in most provinces of the country.

     The company started its official activity with the aim of raising the level of offering products and services to the medical community. The products of this company have a license and approval from the National Directorate of Medical Equipment of Iran and ISO13485 and ISO9001.

Medical,equipment,negatoscpe,dispenser,uvc disinfection

Key features

     High quality, reasonable price, fast and desirable after-sales service and obtaining international standards of medical equipment manufacturer in Iran.

Received standards

Use of LGP technology in Moonlight medical and dental X-Ray view box


  • Perfect light guide effects
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Energy and cost saving
  • With long life

Use of quality materials

  • The body of all devices is made of high quality Plexiglass
  • Each device has its own PCBA, which is completely designed and assembled by the company’s electronic engineers.
  • Electronic components have a COA (Certificate Of Analysis) or CE mark.
  • The body of all devices is designed and produced in this company.

Has international certificates and manufacturing licenses

Medical,equipment,negatoscpe,dispenser,uvc disinfection